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Mrs. Nancy Fellows -- Boca Raton FL
Project Size: 3019 SQ FT
Circular Driveway + Straight Driveway Pavers
Color: Sierra
Shape: Old Towne (From Tremron)

"I love it and I told everybody about it"

NancyFellows (1)

  "Well, I don’t even know were to begin. It looks stunning and now I have the prettiest house on the block. But second, I had terrible problems with water settling at the end of my driveway for 17 years; I had to call my home owners association constantly to have them clean it.

  And now that you guys have redone it, it’s perfect, it has poured and I don’t have a drop of water when it stops.

  And let me see what else, everybody was considerate about my property. As you can see, I have curbing all around my landscaping which was very expensive and I was very worried about it being broken. And there are no damages, it’s absolutely beautiful. You guys were in and out and didn’t damage any of my property, and I just feel really good about it. I love it and I told everybody about it. It’s beautiful.

Nancy Fellows
Boca Raton FL






  "That deck was falling apart; you guys not only removed the deck, but did everything to make it look as beautiful as it does now. I specially like the work that you guys did with the coping on this deck, with the coping you too larger tiles and you were able to cut the angular each one individually, this transition get complimented by my friends and family.

  I appreciated the back and forth when we worked on this we talked about a lot of ideas and you game me input on some suggestions and I gave you feed back on what I need it to do, and together I think we came up with a nice project. I’m very pleased in working with you.

  It’s a great job, it really looks fantastic, the quality, the craftsmanship is there, that is top notch, but what really impressed me about Nilson was his ability and flexibility to work when things became difficult. You see, what I did with this project, I contracted it my self, so I had a pool company, fence company and landscapers.

  And when you a have a lot of variable schedules like that, mistakes were made. But I would just call Nilson and I would say Nilson, the pool guys are not ready, so what are we going to do. He would say don’t worry Rick we are going to take care of it. Nilson the concrete guys didn’t cut it right. He would say don’t worry Rick we will take care of it. That’s what Impressed me the most about Nilson, the way that you handled yourself and how we worked together to come up with a beautiful back yard. Thank you so much."

Mr. Rick Reyes
Project: Complete Pool Deck Remodeling (Bullnose Coping, travertine 16x16 and 6x12, Faces, Steps, Deck Drain, Jacuzzi Remodeling
Project Size: 3000 SQ FT
Project Location: Boca Raton
Color: Noche

"I couldn’t be any happier"


  "Nilson, this was a really enjoyable project for me, because when we first looked at the patio, I was bare and I didn’t have all of the details worked out of what it was going to look like. You came up with good suggestions, I asked a lot of questions, and after our first meeting, you came back with a proposal, a very detailed proposal and I wanted to thank you for that, I enjoyed it because it was very clear to me.

  I’m a analytical person, and I want to know exactly what each item is going to cost me. From there of course, we went back and forth, I had questions, you had answers, and it wasn’t until you brought samples, and I think that was your idea. I enjoyed the openness and the frankness that we went back and forth, I asked questions that maybe it was unreasonable and you gave me answers that maybe were technically correct, but at the end of the day it was a lot of respect and a lot of good back and forth dialogs, and that really let up to a solid job.

  As you can see from the rest of the video, the workmanship, the craftsmanship. You guys were there when you said you were going to be there, you finished in spite of all other delays caused by other contractors, you guys were always there and that was fantastic. This was amazing because this was almost 3,000 sq. ft. and it was not just the pavers, you had to rip out the deck, build the retaining walls and rebuild the deck, you had to cut the coping tiles individually there was a lot of work Nilson, I couldn’t be any happier."

Mr. Rick Reyes
Boca Raton FL






Mr. Goodman:

This was an old beat up Chattahoochee deck with sharp brick coping. You could not sit next to it; you could not sit on it, very uncomfortable. The deck was a little bit smaller; my hot tub had to be on the wrong side of the house, it took away all entertaining area.

Nilson re-designed the shape a little bit and we were able to move everything and make a beautiful patio area. The hot tub is now at the far end near the master bedroom, so it is nice and easy to use. The first comment I got was from one of my neighbors across the lake, he said he loves the view now! He is the former President of the Homeowner’s Association.

And Because of the work that was done here, and some of the other people have seen it, when I went before the Architectural Committee to get approval for this work, they asked me, and now I am a member of the Architectural Committee.

I have people stopping by all the time asking me who did t. It’s beautiful. Back here we wanted a little bit lighter, it is a little bit darker in the driveway, as recommended by Nilson Ricardo, because it stays cleaner from the cars, and it works.

The cappuccino color happens to be the same color on our house, the trim. You don’t see any on the back, but it’s on the front. It’s the same name; Cappuccino. It worked out perfectly.

I am really pleased. The crew came in, as you can see, we got three dogs, the dos were not disturbed, it was like nobody was here. They were in and out when they were supposed to be. The job was done beautifully.

All I can do is recommend this company. They did a great job for me. I couldn’t walk out here before, I couldn’t come out barefoot, I would burn my feet. And now, middle of August, no problem! And the gentleman that was doing all the cutting, absolutely perfect! I’m a chef and I teach, I know about detail and getting things looking right, and things could not have been done any better or more professionally.

Mr. Goodman
Plantation, FL





We are very pleased with the work that was done. I have had many, many projects done at our homes throughout the years and I must say that.

Nilson delivered everything that he promised, including finishing the job on time, even tough we had some complications that we did not for see, like the thickness of the pavement before, but he did an extra effort and finished on time and as you can see it’s a beautiful job.

We are extremely pleased and we would recommend him anytime for any type of pavers job.

Ricardo Molina
Cooper City, FL






"The work was extremely professional. As a matter of fact I did a lot of research on a lot of companies and had a lot of estimates. I also had a lot of people come out and recommend different materials to work with my back deck where I had major problems with drainage. We really didn’t know what to do until I came across this particular company on the internet, the owner came out personally and discussed what he wanted to do. After watching the testimonials online, going over the materials, prices and ideas they had to prevent the drainage problems, I realized I was dealing with a very professional company. I then decided to hire them to do the job. Not only did they do the job in weeks before they were supposed to, they came in with some of the finest materials I had looked at. The crew was one of the most professional crews I have ever dealt with in all of Miami. They are one of the finest companies I have ever used. I am trilled that I hired them to do the job. I am very happy!"

Mr. Bernie Winitz
36## Poinciana Ave, Miami, FL 33133-6529
(305) 446-01##
Brick Pavers Miami -- Work: 4x8 Old Chicago Color -- Complete Pool Deck Remodeling



Dr. Michel Sampson, M.D.
Fort Lauderdale FL


"I give them my highest endorsement possible"


  "All that I can say is that, it’s my pleasure to take this opportunity to describe my satisfaction with the brick paving that I have had. I must say that it far exceeded my expectations. I have a little base to go by because I did have my drive way done 3 yrs ago with concrete stamp over concrete slab. The job was poorly done and it cracked, and I had to have it redone.

I’ve been looking and looked at several brick paving companies, I was most impressed with this one, because they explained to me exactly why it cracked before, what the problem was and they had a good handle on the theory and understanding of what it was and a lot of good explanations and suggestions for me of what I could do to improve it. And so everything about it was reasonable.

They were very easy to contact, their website was very professional and with a lot of prier experience, and so thru email and telephone practically email, it was very easy to get in touch with them. They even took the bricks to my house so I could examine them and pick what I wanted, no request was too big for them tom handle, it was always with a smile, so I was very impressed. The price was reasonable so we went ahead with the work.

All the driveways were excavated front, back and side. The work was done with a very big crew surprisingly and it was very fast. The entire crewman was very professional. Their jobs were done quickly with a very high quality; no request went unnoticed, or set a side.

All of the work was done exactly with the specifications that I wanted, and if I told them it was not the way I wanted they would make it the way I wanted, and long be hold, it turned out perfectly the first time thru.

I was satisfied front and back and it completely transformed the look of the property, I think tat this was probably the best expenditure that I had made in my house so far in terms of the aver all satisfaction that I had with it, and all that I could say is that I give them my highest endorsement possible."

Dr. Michel Sampson, M.D.
Fort Lauderdale FL




Initial excavation phase

Footers -- Required by the City of Boca Raton

"The work was unbelievable and the guys were unbelievable, the workmanship was beautiful and we are very happy about it."

"I would say that it was the most professional job I’ve seen. Everyone was polite, they worked with everyone, we never had a problem and if we had a decision to make they helped us make that decision which is important."

"I think that everybody is really pleased with everything. I think they even changed some things here and there for us after they started, but it was just because we wanted to change some of the things like different colors, and they worked with us. We are very pleased and they would come in on a Saturday or Sunday or when ever they were needed, we had some weather delays but that happens. Everybody is excited about the job."

"I wasn’t here when the work was done, but it came out very beautiful, we are very happy."

"The work was fantastic, the workers were excellent, they were very efficient, they did a great job and we have no complaints, very nicely done."

"We had this 13,000.00 sq ft job down at Winston Bay, and the men worked in an orderly fashion, the job could not be more efficient, words can’t say it but it came out fantastic and the men worked like professionals, everything that we walked the property on was done right to the T, And I would recommend them to anyone.

We started this project the first part of July and with a little trepidation we did not know what we were getting into. Nilson, rest assure, God Bless him, put us at ease, and throughout this entire process, result of his work and his employees who we are absolutely proud of. We can’t say enough about them, and their quality. Anyone who would like a recommendation about this gentleman, come and see me.

The workers that came here, we had no problems with them at all. We never had to say anything and anything that you asked them they did for us; they never made a big deal about it. They just did it. We recommend them to anybody."

"Thanks for the outstanding contractor"

"I can’t say enough about working with Nilson and his crew. From start to finish it was nothing but a class operation. I can’t think of anything wrong even if I tried to. But the result is sitting out there, and the money that we put out was never a question of what we were going to get, In fact we got a whole lot more and anybody in this room or living here knows that. Great job."

"The workers are great, I was amazed at how they worked by themselves, everybody knew what they were doing. I kept on saying to Sally, 'I never saw guys like this, and they were really good.' "

"I’m a Civil Engineer and I’m very familiar with the construction method that these guys did. One of the best class operations I’ve seen. Fast, efficient, clean, little noisy but it comes with the territory. Beautiful job, the place looks brand new. Thank you."


"That was fantastic. They did a beautiful work, I’m very well satisfied. They were very, very conscientious, cleaned up very nicely. We are very, very pleased and proud of you guys. Good luck and a lot of success, we will recommend you to other people."

"Well, we didn’t know what we were getting into. But we made a great decision and we found the right people. Because they did a great job, we are so happy and really pleased. I highly recommend them to anyone. Thank you so much guys."

"Well, when I saw them starting the job, I said Oh my God; this is going to be a long job. I went home and came back, and it was half way done. So we were very happy to see to job done. I’m very happy."


Winston Bay Condominium -- Boca Raton FL
Color: Harvest Blend
Shape: 4x8
Project Size: 13,500 SQ FT





"Well number one, we are very happy with the work. We had several bids from several contractors and decided to go with Mr. Ricardo because of his suggestions and seemed to be a very solid contactor. The service was started very quickly, Mr. Ricardo was always available. It was just a beautiful job! It was a really challenging job with the front and back to be done, also a problem with the drainage of the backyard. We were having problems, a lot of water close to our house. This problem was solved with his ideas pulling a nice drain pipe there. And on top, he did all the pool deck, the coping and also the tile around the pool. It was a marvelous job, I am very happy. Mr. Ricardo was always there to speak with us when ever we had any questions or doubts to help us. He kept up with the project. Amazing job. Thank you!"

Dr. Eugenio Bricio, MD
Project Completed: Brick Pavers Circular Driveway, Pool Deck,
Walkway, Pool Coping and Tile. And also
Travertine Door Entrance

23## NE 211th St, Miami, FL 33180
Cell: 786-271-61##
Office: 305-932-80##



I want to thank you for a job extremely well done! You knew exactly what I wanted for my driveway, came in on budget, and completed the job within 48 hours from my first call to you! I am totally pleased and would certainly recommend you to anyone needing a true professional to install pavers.

You are a true professional. And I was incredibly pleased. In fact, I let you pick up the pavers and the design and I couldn't done better myself. Thank You!

Bruce L. Henry
Bruce Henry Associates, Inc.
19## East Sunrise Blvd., Ste. 825
Fort Lauderdale, FL 33304
tel. 954.763.59## X 11
fax. 954.763.59##




"We had a paver pool deck that had shifted over the last few years and needed a lot of repair. I contacted several companies and asked them to suggest what needed to be done and give us an estimate. Many did not come as promised. Nilson came promptly exactly when he said he would. He gave us an estimate and the day he would do the job. He followed up with a written estimate delivered via e-mail (including a 1 year warranty on his work) just as he promised.

Our Board awarded him the work. He arrived on the day promised and did an excellent job. His workmen were very good. I would recommend this company for anyone seeking quality work done in a timely manner."




"It is really a beautiful job"

Mrs. Jaclyn McDonald and Nilson Ricardo

"Everything was wonderful! The guys were great! They were here early, they did the work wonderfully. It is really a beautiful job. They went above and beyond doing everything that we needed and we are just very, very happy. Its great work at a great price!"

Mrs. Jaclyn helps clients select the best financing vehicles available to meet their goals and objectives.
Mrs. Jaclyn McDonald
#### Via Leonardo
Lake Worth, FL 33467








Mr. Artanis
Pembroke Pines FL
July 2008

"..paid very good attention to detail"

"Well to be honest, I am very, very happy with the job. I got a few quotes and they absolutely came in the best that have ever had. At the same time, the crew that came out was very good and very honest. I noticed that they paid very good attention to detail which was really important to me. Anything that was wrong they actually came back just a couple days later and fixed absolutely everything for me and also extended a little area that I wanted which I thought was really good. I was able to get in touch with Antonio every single day. I never got an answering machine or anything. He gave me a very good price. I would definitely recommend this organization. They were better than any other company I have ever had out here, thank you very much!"

Paul Artanis
Pembroke Pines, FL



"And the price was excellent of course"



"Nilson, I wanted to thank you for a wonderful job, very professional. As soon as I signed the contract, he came right out, took care of the job quickly. You guys were very professional.

I’m very happy with the final product and you helped me pick out some great colors and patterns.

And the price was excellent of course.

I found out about Nilson on the internet, he is the internet king. It was hard to miss him. I had called other companies, I got 3 quotes and Nilson offered the best service. He came out and looked at the job, followed up with me later and he came through on his promises."

West Palm Beach FL





"Nilson Ricardo was one of the contractors I've picked out of several ones. After researching and questioning several contractors about how they were going to do the job, the price of the job, the time frame, the quality of the quality of the work. And out of the 5 contractors, he's was the most reasonable, more quick on time, and everything they said they've done, they did.

I am very happy with the job! Because they did very professional, and quality work for a reasonable amount of money. I am very glad to get him to work for me and I hope we can work together in the future."

Mr. Fortes
North Miami, FL
May 2008
Pool Deck -- 1800 SQ FT
Shape: Three sizes
Color: Old Chicago Color
Pattern: Broken Line





After the landscaping was completed





Mrs. Rebecca Bekhore
### 173 Terrace North Miami Beach 33162

"The result of the job was beyond my expectations"

"I am very, very impressed with the work. Ricardo’s brick pavers gave me a very good price. They were very reliable and easy to work with. The result of the job was beyond my expectations. I did not expect such a wonderful job. They came up with a great idea and drawing that came out absolutely beautiful. The job really opens up the house. A friend of mine who is an architect saw the job and was also very impressed. Our last contractor had us sit for six months with no work done until N. Ricardo’s Brick Pavers came and saved the job. We are very, very grateful and very happy. We would be happy to recommend Ricardo’s Brick Pavers. Thank you!

Mrs. Rebecca Bekhore, CCIM
North Miami FL





Mr. Meyer Bekhore
### 173 Terrace North Miami Beach 33162
786-210-49## (call Mr. Meyer to discuss about the excellence of our work)

"with the work which was done in only one day"

Our yard has been transformed into a beautiful walkway and drive through. We have been so happy with the work which was done in only one day. The previous contractor did not know what they were doing. This is a testimonial that this job was A-1. It is a wonderful job. Our architect friend who is responsible for big construction in Miami looked at it and said that this is the way it is supposed to be. I would highly recommend N. Ricardo’s Brick Pavers without reservation, you can call me anytime and I will tell you this is the way to go!

Mr. Meyer Bekhore
North Miami FL



"Nilson’s BRICK PAVER Company did an excellent job"


Mrs. Draga and Dr. Michael D. Rosenberg, DC


Mrs. Draga: "Nilson and his crew did a great job, very professional. We are very happy with it, the yard looks like a place that we are going to have a lot of fun form many years to come and we look forward on working with Nilson again."

Dr. Rosenberg: "I’m very happy with the work, the backyard looks great, and Nilson’s BRICK PAVER Company did an excellent job. I was a little bit skeptical but he proved me to be wrong and he did a fabulous job. I recommend him highly. I’m getting ready to use the backyard for a bunch of parties."

Boca Raton FL
Project: Path + Pool Deck
Shape: 4x8 Color: Old Chicago
Pattern: Herringbone 90 degrees



Jack (Project Manager)
We've installed over 60,000 SQ FT of brick pavers for Mr. Jack

"workmanship is outstanding"

BrickPavers (278)
Nilson Ricardo and Jack Connors (Blue Doral Miami)

"Nilson Ricardo did a wonderful job. We really appreciate their professionalism. Their workmanship is outstanding, I couldn’t ask for anything more. In fact, I very rarely refer business out. I really greatly appreciate everything these guys have done, I highly recommend them. I think they are a great source, not only for the information, but the workmanship they provide." Jack Connors (Blue Doral Miami)





Nothing less than incredible!

"[...] Nothing less than incredible! Nilson was awesome to work with.
He stuck to his word, he said would start and finish.

He was accurate to the minute, almost. We would use him on
every project here on out, without a doubt."

Ms. Mendizabal
+1 305 546 ####


"We want to say thank you so much to N. Ricardo’s Brick Pavers for all of the work they did on our home. We had our patio redone, as well as our front entry and atrium area. It just turned out so beautiful, more than what we had expected and I think a little bit more than we envisioned it could ever be. We would highly recommend You. You are so very professional from the beginning to the end and you are very attentive to your customers, which is not that common anymore. We really appreciate the job, we get so many compliments, it was a pleasure meeting and working with you and we wish you much future success, thank you!"

Brent Mahan and Kristi Mahan
#### NW 176th Terrace, Hialeah (Miami), FL 33015
Patio Pavers, Walkway


Barry Zimmerman
General Contractor
cell # 732-996-####
We will let you know after we meet you in person for a free estimate.
717 SE 10th St. Ft. Lauderdale, 33316






My name is Sheila Dunning. I am a manager of large Re-Max office in Boca Raton. I have been working with Trafalgar [Condominiums] to get pavers done for a while. We finally found Nilson Ricardo with N. Ricardo’s Brick Pavers company. I can’t tell you how pleased we have been. They did everything as described and as promised in a prompt and timely manner, which was really great! The things I like the best is that they did more and extra work for us, and best of all, what I've noticed this morning, they cleaned up! They were wonderful, I would recommend them anytime."

Sheila Dunning

Office: (561) 447-78## (3200 SQ FT driveway)




"It's with pleasure that I recommend N. Ricardo's Brick Pavers. It's not easy to find a company that not only does quality work, but that's also extremely reliable and professional. N. Ricardo's provided an outstanding service on our driveway and patio, and we could not be happier with the results."

Claudia and Robert Cosme
Miami-Dade, Florida




Mrs. Pickman

Toll Free to call us: 800-846-8179



  Dear Mr. Ricardo,

Our new brick paved driveway and patio which your company installed have added much value to our property.

From start to finish, we were impressed with your timeliness, honesty, and great team effort. Who knew you could install a well constructed driveway in just a few days! We really enjoy the new look of our front yard and we have had lots of compliments from our neighbors. You and your company will be highly recommended to our friends.

Rafael and Julie Trujillo
.... 16 CT
Fort Lauderdale FL
June 2007




"He did a very excellent job"

"Ricardo came here with his crew, his machinery. He did a very excellent job and I’m well pleased. I have two daughters that need to do their driveway;

I have neighbors that I gave them your card to. Everyone that passes here loves the driveway. It’s beautiful."


Mr. Kenneth Chin
Tamarac, FL
May 2008
Remodeled from a straight driveway to a circular driveway






"May 29, 2007

Mr. Nilson Ricardo, President

N. Ricardo Brick Pavers

Dear Mr. Ricardo,

Please accept our thanks for a spectacular job performed by your company. Our pool deck and patio areas look absolutely beautiful with the new pavers. We are especially impressed with the paving job done on our waterfront patio which is winding and very intricate. You are quite the artisans!

When our new shrubs are planted, we feel that our condominium will have the loveliest waterfront in Pompano Beach in part, thanks to your efforts.


Gael M. Corbin, Secretary
Waterbury Condominium Board of Directors"

Click here to see the original testimonial


  "I am so happy with the professional service I received from you and your company. There isn't one person that doesn't come to my house and compliment the work you have done. I would definitely use you again, and also as you already saw, would recommend you to anyone that asked me.
Thank you so much for your wonderful work!

Allen Chelminsky
Miami, FL
September 2007

Note: Mr. Chelminsky recommended my company to three different friends at the same condominium in Miami. And everyone is absolutely happy with the results of the work.

Just get in touch with us and after we give you a free estimate we will let you know Mr. Chelminsky's email and phone number above. This way you may contact him and get the specifics of the work.


  "We are writing to thank you for the wonderful job you did with our Pavers. The patio is well designed now and we no longer have problems with flooding, mold, and weeds.

Yeg and Isaac
Miami, Fl 33160

September 2007

  "Hello Nilson:

Thank you so much the wonderful job you've completed at my house at the Bocaire Country Club in Boca Raton. I loved it. Your

team finished the job on time. I particularly appreciate the attention to detail that was given every step of the way. At all times the site job was very clean. For me that is very important. I am a very detail oriented person. Nilson, thank you for advising me which material to use in this project. The quality of the marble and the color that you've suggested were great! The final result was exactly what I was expecting.

I was dazzled with the skills you and your crew demonstrated setting the pattern with the four different sizes of Turkish marble. Very impressive!

Every time I've approached your crew they were very polite to me.

I was so happy with the work that you've performed at my place that I've mentioned you to a few friends at the Bocaire Country Club. I am so glad that a few of the them already hired you to execute projects at their houses.

Looking forward to hire you again in my next project"


May 2007

Note: Thanks for Mrs. Pickman recommendation I am completing my 5th project at the same condominium in the Bocaire Country Club.













"The work was done on time, which was probably one of the most important things to me as well as the quality. I am very pleased with the outcome.  They were easy to work with, returned phone calls and I just couldn’t have asked for a better job."

Mr. Craig Goldberg
### SE Olive Way, Boca Raton, FL 33432
Project: Build Sidewalk, Driveway and Walkway.
Project Size: 1400 SQ FT
Material: Old Chicago Original Clay


Old Chicago Brick Installation FL, Original One Pulled From Old Buildings in Chicago USA

If you are looking for the most affordable yet the highest quality brick pavers company in the entire South Florida, look no further. Contact N. Ricardo's Brick Pavers today for a free estimate.

We've complete Old Chicago Original Clay projects for a high number of successful clients. Star Island residents, High Profile NBA players and many more. For privacy reasons we won't name names here. Right after we've completed an installation of Marble pavers, a house was sold.

Because the word is spreading really fast about N. Ricardo's profile and Superb Quality of Work, we're always in high demand and constantly booked. Don't hesitate to contact us for a free estimate. We believe everyone deserves affordability and quality.


Nilson Ricardo and Antonio Miranda
954-369-7244 or




"He did the work ahead of the schedule and to my satisfaction"



I’m very happy with Ricardo. He is a man of his words. He was on time, his crew is very pleasant. He did the work ahead of the schedule and to my satisfaction.

Mr. Scott
Coral Springs FL
Project: Driveway + Path to door entrance
Pattern: Herringbone 90 degrees
Color: Tan and Coral